SITUATION STATION - Christina Courtin with The Knights (2020) 

Christina Courtin’s Situation Station, recorded four years after the release of Varsity, can best be described as a tapestry of her musical and life experiences. As she weaves together her dual worlds, the singer-songwriter and classically trained violinist guide listeners through somber plains and heartbreak, all the while surrounding them with warmth, joy, and hope. With its stark vocals and rich arrangements, Situation Station seeks to stir the same depth of emotion in others that Courtin has imbued in each of her album’s songs.  


JS BACH : COMPLETE CELLO SUITES - Johnny Gandelsman (2020)

In a Circle Records is proud to present Johnny Gandelsman’s new solo album, featuring JS Bach’s complete cello suites, transcribed for violin. A follow-up to Gandelsman’s celebrated debut recording of Bach’s complete Sonatas and Partitas, the album features the first-ever recording of the Sixth Suite on a 5-string violin. Gandelsman’s years of experience working with master musicians from various world traditions (Bela Fleck, Martin Hayes, Kayhan Kalhor) brings a refreshing and deeply personal viewpoint to these magnificent works.  

 Gandelsman says:​ “similar to the Sonatas and Partitas, living in the world of the cello suites feels like working in a scientist’s lab - the compositions radiate with the joy of continuously finding new ways to expand the technical and emotional possibilities of the instrument, through the simple act of imagining the impossible, and then putting it down on paper.” ​ 

HEALING MODES - Brooklyn Rider (2020)

The healing properties of music have been recognized from ancient greek civilization to the field of modern neuroscience, and expressed in countless global traditions. The slow movement of Beethoven’s Opus 132, ‘Song of Holy Thanksgiving From a Convalescent to the Deity in the Lydian Mode’ is among the most profound expressions of healing in the string quartet repertoire. Beethoven’s eternal work is paired with 5 works commissioned for, and premiered by Brooklyn Rider. Composers include Reena Esmail, Gabriela Lena Frank and Matana Roberts, as well as recent Pulitzer prize winners, Caroline Shaw and Du Yun.


Conceived by Grammy Award-winning tabla maestro Sandeep Das, From Delhi to Damascus is a celebration of the shared history between India and Syria.
An earnest quest to start a dialogue, spark compassion and stimulate the imagination to see beyond geographical borders, Delhi to Damascus is a musical invitation to a spiritual odyssey, celebrating ideals of inclusion, empathy, global community and humanitarianism.

THE BUTTERFLY - Martin Hayes & Brooklyn Rider (2019)

"The Butterfly" is a new collaborative album from Martin Hayes and Brooklyn Rider.  The album celebrates a decade-long musical friendship between celebrated Irish fiddler and New York’s omnivorous string quartet. 

This project, which dates back to 2009, was Martin Hayes’ first major collaboration outside the Irish tradition. He describes the beginning stages of the relationship with Brooklyn Rider as “ an act of faith and a journey into the unknown, because we had no idea what might emerge”. 

Violinist and composer Colin Jacobsen notes that Martin was a musician Brooklyn Rider admired from afar for a long time: “ In many ways, he represented to us something essential about music that we sometimes felt was missing within the classical training we were receiving back in school. To me, it is the infinitely varied inflections, and the depth of expression within what could seem like a deceptively simple tune, which make Martin a master storyteller with his instrument.